Another Real Estate Conference? Really? What’s The ONE THING that will help make YOU Successful

In this video Josh asks “What’s the ONE THING that that you want to learn about when it comes to the next Real Estate Conference?”

Hey everyone Josh Collins here, with REOSuccestv. Today let me just talk to you for a minute about conferences. Now in the REO industry, there seems like there’s a conference or two conferences every single month. They all want a huge amount of money for you to register, you have to fly out of town and spend time away from your business that’s making you money and taking care of your client’s properties and you have to spend money on dinners, on hotels, on rental cars… I mean these things are sucking you dry as a real estate agent.

So, it just got me thinking, I have been to so many in these conferences, I’ve been in the industry now for 6 years and I know every last thing that they’re gonna tell me at a conference, talking about shadow inventory, talking about how and what to expect, what’s gonna be new. I mean, which basically is all the same thing. Inventory is coming yadda, yadda, yadda… and you know what, all that stuff is true, I’m not saying that it’s not true. All I’m saying is help me to understand how to be successful in REO, if I’m paying you high dollar to come to your thing, I wanna know how I can be successful with the information that you’re giving me. It’s not enough to tell me how to do a BPO, I’ve done thousands and thousands of BPO’s before just like you have.

So, what if there were something out there that would help you to be better at your business and I just would like to hear from you. You know, leave a comment on this blog, email me at and tell me what would be the number one topic you would like to hear talked about at an REO conference. If you were to say, there’s one thing that I need to hear that would make it all worth it, what would that one thing be?? I would love to hear from you. Because we are interacting with people all the time, we’re talking to industry leaders, we’re at every conference and sometimes we get a chance to give a feedback on these conferences to the people that are hosting them. This is the kind of information that we will be able to utilize to help make you more successful.

So, shoot me an email, leave a comment on this blog and let me know what you would like to hear. The number one thing that would help your business to be more successful. If you were at a conference, what would that be? I’ll look forward to hear from you soon.