[Vlog] Do You Stand Out in the Midst of Competition??

In this vlog, John breaks out the 1980′s mesh florescent green shirt to illustrate what it means to stand out in the midst the competition.
Transcript: Well, in today’s blog, we will be talking about standing out in a midst of your competition. Let’s face it, there’s a ton of agents out there, there’s a tons of brokerage firms, and we’re all going after the same business.  Whether it’s a listing appointment, whether it’s for short sale leads, whether it’s REO clients and asset management companies, there are a ton of people going after that same business. So, how do we, as real estate agents standout in the midst of our competitions. So in order to a really paint a picture of what I’m talking about today, I decided to bust out my 80’s mesh florescent green shirt. I first wore this beauty probably in 2005 or so when I decided to dress up at Halloween as an 80’s rock star. Now that would be an amazing photo to show you if I had it on hand but I don’t but you can use your imagination. Anyway, the point is this shirt stands out. I go out today wearing this shirt people are going to notice me, now you can be noticed in both good ways and bad ways. It’s very, very important to stand out, in the right ways. This shirt probably, most likely, is not going to help you to stand out in the best possible light unless of course I am dressed up as a rock star which we are not talking about that today.  A few ways we need to able to stand out in a competition is this, I’m going to first talk about branding, web presence, social media presence, we talk about that all the time but it’s not so important that if someone sees your name, if you’ve had the opportunity to meet someone or if someone is referring you out to another person and they Google you – that they find you. They don’t find this dull ugly website, they find this something sharp & crisp so if you haven’t updated your website since 1995 do so, go after, find a company to help you to revise it and update it and it will make it look like it’s from the 21st century. That’s the first thing you need to do in order to stand out right away. Another thing to do is make sure that all your market material is really designed well, it’s thought through. If you are doing mailers that it’s just not bundle the words everywhere. It’s very specific, straight to the point. Most people they don’t want to read all your information about how awesome you are, about what you’re going to do for them. They want to know the main point. They want you to highlight the areas that they’re looking for. It might cost effectiveness, it might excellent communication, whatever it is, make sure you have that on your material. Your logo, make sure your logo is clean, it’s crisp. I tend to really like brighter colors. I like to have bold bright colors in all of my marketing materials. With that, again you can stand in so many ways. Get someone else’s opinion, go to others that you trust will give you honest opinion about the marketing material that you’re sending out, about your website, about your Facebook page and ask them what do you think about this? Does it look good, will this leaves a good impression upon the people that I’m seeking this gain business from. So with that, don’t go out and buy a florescent green mesh shirt unless you’re going to a costume party. Rather, spend your money and invest your time in developing a very clean, crisp marketing presence on the web and all your marketing materials.