Why EVERY Realtor Should be Doing Short Sales!!

In this VLOG, Josh discusses the importance of doing Short Sales as an REO Broker and how they will make you MONEY!!  Josh  recommends an invaluable product that will teach you how to make money on Short Sale properties. Invalid LeadPlayer video - ID not found!   Transcript: Hey guys Josh Collins here with REOSuccesstv. Today, I just want to take a minute or two in your time and talk to you about the importance of short sales in the REO industry. Now, for so long REO has been a huge bulk of the industry. I mean as much as 17-19% of sales every year are REO. But there’s another thing that you need to be interested in when you’re thinking about real estate and that is short sales… Now think about it, in REO we’ve talking about the shadow inventory for like 3 or 4 years now. What’s the shadow inventory? The shadow inventory is people that are delinquent on their mortgage but have not been foreclosed upon yet. So what are they? That’s short sales. So the shadow inventory is currently huge. I mean, you know you’ve got 3-5 times the amount of homes that are delinquent under mortgage compared to those that are actually have been foreclosed on the market right now. So that means if you are a real estate agent and you wanna be successful, you need to be doing short sales. Now, short sales may be a little different for some people, in REO you know you can just deal with banks and hopefully you are not dealing with people trying to make emotional decisions… shorts sale are a little different. I want to tell you about a product that will actually help you to be successful with short sales. And that is a 3 or 4 part course that completely lays it out for you called the SHORT SALE BLUEPRINT. You can find it online, go on Google and search the short sale blue print or the shortsaleblueprint.com and it will do and teach you everything that you need to know to be able to effectively do short sales… not just, what is a short sale or how to get a short sale client but everything from how to get a leads, how to convert the leads into actual listings, all the way through how to get short sale approved and get the property close. It’s an awesome product, you should go and check it out right now. It’s a low cost product, it’s worth ten times the amount of money that you will spend on it. In fact, I have many of my real estate agents already using these products with awesome results. We’ve got our short sale inventory and the effectiveness in closing short sales increase exponentially as a result of using this course. So I am highly recommending go check out the short sale blue print right now.