Why REO Brokers should use Hootsuite…

In this video blog Josh talks about the importance of using a tool like Hootsuite in your business and how it can help you streamline your REO social media processes.

Hey guys Josh Collins here with REOSuccesstv and today I wanna let you know about the tool that I have been using and I absolutely love it. It’s called Hootsuite and what Hootsuite does, is it helps you to collaborate all your social media stuff into one easy to navigate platform. And then, it even does stuff to make it even simpler… like you can even schedule tweets and Facebook posts and things like that to go out at a timed interval.

I know that a lot of us here have been talking about the importance of social media in REO, why we have to be posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, why we should be on Foursquare and things like that. But that’s just a lot of stuff to keep track of. So, I want you guys to go to Hootsuite.com and check out the system. They have two different types of memberships, you can either get a free membership which is an absolute great thing to have or you can upgrade it to a very simple cheap monthly membership that gives you some additional features and benefits.

Now, what I do is I log-on to the Hootsuite platform, I can see my twitter, my LinkedIn, my Facebook and even my Facebook fan pages all in one area, and I can see people messaging me and interaction and things like that and it just helps me to take, to build, to consolidate everything from all of these different websites into one easy to read location. It helps me stay more on top of all the interactions that are going on and it helps me to be more plugged in.

Now, like I said, it also allows me to schedule out messages. So let’s say you’re particularly motivated that one afternoon and you have 50 tweets, you know maybe motivating quotes or just things that you are thinking about that you wanna get out to your audiences. You can actually go in and schedule all those to go out once a day for the next 50 days or twice a day for the next 25 days or whatever interval that you want. So, I want you guys to go check out Hootsuite, it’s a great tool and I know that you’re gonna love it.

  • Scott Dexter

    Chris, I know of people that work for a large hedge fund in California that bought up as much as they could in my area. 3 or 4 large groups bought everything that came on the market under a certain price, full price, cash and close asap. Some of these properties were never on the market, not foreclosed on but were vacant maybe for 2-3 years, these properties were sold in bulk to investment firms. All of these properties are now rentals. I can’t tell you how many are rented but the rental inventory doubled in our metro area. These companies ran the prices up, eliminated some smaller investors for opportunities. I guess the agreement from fnma and freddie mac was hold for 5 years.then they could sell. Now our prices have leveled off in this niche, there are fewer foreclosure notices per day than in 2000. The only thing I can think of is fannie and freddie are not going to foreclose unless they absolutely have to. I think they are modifying the modifications that were already completed in the past 6 years. Maybe everyone is kicking the can down the road. Whatever has happened or will happen so far has just put a bandaid on a deep cut. Smoke and mirrors is a good trick for awhile. Listen to the interview from Case/Schiller on CNBC this morning.

  • James Ybarra

    The trouble is the groups that purchased in bulk directly from the banks. These properties should have been released to the general public. Prices 5 rising artificially right now. I bet the same bankers are the same individuals that set up the hedge funds and alike. Just think. ..the government passes a law that allows banks to sell bulk npl at a deep discount to large investors. Sounds like an obvious, massive opportunity to profit for those in the know. Just follow the money.